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Arrow STOP(!)... Polizei 428i Coupe

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Saw this at the Welt the other night... It is a 428i from the "tune it safe" program with AC Schnitzer parts. The car has almost 300 PS from what I remember. I only had my phone with me, so please excuse the photo quality. Thought I'd share my photos with you guys and gals.

Name:  20131220_171008.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171031.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171015.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171059.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171131.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171109.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171148.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171157.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171305.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171343.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171323.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171357.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171402.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171413.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171428.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171452.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171536.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171304.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171519.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171636.jpg
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Name:  20131220_171652.jpg
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If you'd like to see more Polizei cars look here...
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