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Arrow Janne's M Performane Power Kit (MPPK) 335i N55 installation - F34 GT

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In this thread I will try to describe my experience of the M-PPK for the N55 335i engine.

This F34 335i xDrive was picked up at BMW Welt on September the 26th 2013, which was a very nice experience. I will try to write a thread about this experience as well. I did decide from start that this 335i would have the M-PPK as soon as it was available. I did participate on an event, M-Performance program and test driving of some modified cars, held by BMW Group Nordic last summer. After this event I was convinced this is the "right way" to go. Tune will kept the BMW factory warranty. At that time I did not know that the new M-PPK was to be enhanced to 250 KW/340 HP(DIN) which is nice added benefit.

Process of buying the M-PPK kit:
As the launch of BMW M-Performance portfolio is relatively new in Sweden, just goes back for a year or so, all dealers are not so used to ordering the components in the right way. As there was some unclearness when new MPPK relay was available I was in contact with BMW Nordic and was helped by the man in charge for M-Performance components for our market. He helped me to get it ordered in the right way, as I did want to have as fast as possible and hopefully before the snow season and winter tyres. I was lucky to have a model which perfectly suited the first launch of the new M-PPK for the F34-model, 335i, xDrive and auto.

The M-PPK was ordered first week in October and was told that the components would arrive to my dealer in some time in November.

Wait process:
So the waiting started and no sign of life from my dealer for quite a while. Every day you have to wait is a pain. But at last, and actually in the beginning of November, my contact at BMW Nordic called me and told me that my MPPK had arrived to the dealer, excited.

Called the dealer at once and asked for a installation time. unfortunately my schedule was a bit hectic, so I had to wait until November 26th to have it installed. Exactly two months after my BMW Welt pick up.

Installation at dealer:
Finally the the 26th of November and drove to my dealer, M-Bilar in Eskilstuna, 100 km from where I live. Arrived at dealer at ten past eight in the morning.

Had to wait 30 minutes for the technician to finish his previous work. And finally he was ready for me and my car.

As I promised, I have taken pictures step by step of the PPK installation process.

My technician, Niklas, introduced me to the process of doing software updates. After that we went out to the car and he drove it to the service hall.

We inspected the parts box(s) containing all the PPK 'hardware', consisting of a new engine cover with a nice M-Performance logo, a couple of stickers and a new bottom part of the airbox with better flow and turned it out later a nicer sound.

And last but not least, to evolve with the 'magic' licence number for the MPPK.

Installation started with mounting M Performance aluminium pedals.

After the nice looking pedals the old engine cover was replaced by the new M-Performance unit. As the old engine cover was removed one of the stickers, with date and BMW dealer name was placed in its place, see picture.

When having the new engine cover in place there was the air filter box bottom part(honey combed ribbed reinforced) to be replaced. Niklas(my BMW Service technician) seemed to have been doing this air box replacements a number of times, just a couple of minutes to remove the old one and put the new one in place.

Finally before the software update phase started there was another sticker to be placed at BMW's predetermined place.

Now when all the hardware pieces were in place Niklas prepared for the software update by attaching a very powerful battery charger to my car. This is for the when he loads the new DME software there are no problems with the PPK sw failing because of a dead or low battery.

To be able to download the software into the car a connecter with wireless connection to the computer with connection to BMW Software center was connected to the diagnose port of the car. After this point all work was performed from the computer office in another room. We could look at the car through a window.

Step one:
The ISTA-application(Integrated Service Technical Application) checked the status of the car and noticed there was a need for updating the base software. A new version just released in November, was to be installed before the MPPK-software could be downloaded. Niklas marked the check box 'Modification of Powerkit'.

Step two:
Accept the suggested software update and key in the license key for the MPPK. And yes the license key was accepted by the system.

Step three:
Now the long long wait started. Time for update was estimated to 1 hour and nine minutes.............

The estimated time was the real time used.

Step four:

Review the final report from the ISTA-application, just green check marks, no errors at all. Complete success !
Remove all cables and connectors and start up the engine and it started, nice.

Step five:

Testdrive, I was quiet excited when starting the engine and driving out from the dealer to test the MPPK. Had to drive for a while to have all things to be warmed up. So after like 15 minuter I entered the motorway and made some
WOT's to have the DME to start the adoption. Felt nice.

Returned back to the dealer after some half hour of driving to drop of Niklas, the tech guy and say good buy to all nice guys at M-Bilar in Eskilstuna, they are really professional in their work.

Can I feel any difference ?

Yes! ...there is nice improvement of throttle responsiveness and the engine feels sort of eager to perform more(rev up) and faster in the midrange. I love that feeling.

As I have a 100 km to drive back home, dry roads and no cops around it went quite fast it was a nice feeling driving the car. I had to put on winter tyres after 1st of December, not fun at all.

I really like the bump in power and improved throttle response, especially when you are in Sport or Sport+(plus) modes.

Steps to take after installation:
- Registration Inspection after tune, planned to be done 13th of December, have an appointment scheduled at 12.30 am.
- Inform Insurance company of M-PPK-modification. To be done after registration inspection.

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New M-PPK air filter box...
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New M-PPK air filter box...
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at my local dealership...
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ED delivery at the BMW Welt, Sept 2013
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