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Lightbulb Upcoming BMW model pipeline - from F16 to G12 (B58 engine to succeed N55)

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Some of you may remember me from the crazy pre-prod info dump in early 2013. I found another source. It's very limited this time: just the model, engine, and transmission type, and lists not only the models that are guaranteed to come, but also all those that BMW considered as a possibility (for example, the list includes both RWD and xDrive, manual and auto US F31s). The list is exhaustive as of:

February 2014

(if a rumored vehicle is not on the list, it probably didn't exist as a finished engineering project at that time).

This post is updated every few months, with fresh info added and the officially announced vehicles removed.

Can you tell me when these models are coming out?
- Yes, see latest update.

Can you tell me which of these models will come to market, and which ones we'll never see?
- No.

What options will be available on these cars?
- No clue.

Can you tell me where you found this info?
- No.

This is just the US market, EU is simply too varied to type in all combinations.

- X6 35i, RWD and xDrive, N55B30M0, auto
- X6 50i, xDrive, N63B44O1, auto

- 228i, RWD and xDrive, N20B20O0 and N26B20O0, manual and auto
- M235i, RWD and xDrive, N55B30O0, manual and auto

- X4 28i, xDrive, N20B20O0, manual and auto
- X4 35i, xDrive, N55B30M0, manual and auto

F30 LCI:
- 320i, RWD and xDrive, B48B20M0, manual and auto
- 328i, RWD and xDrive, N20B20O0 and N26B20O0, manual and auto
- 335i, RWD and xDrive, B58B30M0, manual and auto
- 328d, RWD and xDrive, N47D20O1, manual and auto

- 220i, FWD, B48B20M0, manual and auto
- 225i, FWD and xDrive, B48B20O0 and B46B20O0, manual and auto

- X1 28i, xDrive, B48B20O0 and B46B20O0, manual and auto

F54 (4 door):
- Cooper Clubman, FWD, B36B20M0 and B38B20M0, manual and auto
- Cooper S Clubman, B46B20M0 and B48B20M0, manual and auto

F55 (5 door):
- Cooper, FWD, B36B15M0 and B38B15M0, manual and auto
- Cooper S, FWD, B48B20M0 and B46B20M0, manual and auto

- X5M, S63B44T2, xDrive, auto

- X6M, S63B44T2, xDrive, auto

- 750i, xDrive, N63B44O2, auto

- 740Li, RWD, B58B30M0, auto
- 750Li, xDrive, N63B44O2, auto

New engine:
- F15 X5 40e, xDrive, N20B20O0, auto

Dropped between March and September:
- F31 328d RWD
- F34 335i RWD

12/31/13 UPDATE

This is based on December information.

BMW is going to significantly expand their plug-in hybrid offerings, utilizing something that looks like a completely new powertrain. The following cars are listed now:

F45 223e SAT xDrive, manual and auto. There's a new engine code, XB2 1.49 M0. No idea what it is.
G11/G12 740e/740Le RWD, auto, engine XB1 1.99 O0
F30, 328e RWD, manual and auto, XB1 1.99 M0

New versions of the cars listed previously (again, this is US specific):

G11/G12 750i/750Li, RWD, auto
F48 X1 28i FWD, B46B20O0, manual and auto

New car:

F57 Mini Cooper Convertible, same models as F56 above.

3/1/14 UPDATE

Just one new model, but a pretty interesting one:

- X4 M40i, N55B30T0, manual and auto

3/2/14 UPDATE

- BMW M2, N55B30T0, manual and auto

(Yes, same engine as X4 M40i, so I'm guessing 350-360hp?)

3/9/14 UPDATE

The following list provides better future visibility, but should be taken with a grain of salt: its reliability hasn't been tested. I believe it's best to consider this as "BMW's best laid plans". Also, no transmission information is available. Again, this is US only data. PM if you need EU data.

F22 LCI SOP 07/16, EOP 10/20. Re-engine with B46B20O0 for 228i and B58B30M0 for M235i.
F23 - same as F22, but with EOP 10/21.

F30 320i and 335i LCI SOP 07/15 EOP 10/18. Re-engine with B48B20M0 for 320i and B58B30M0 for 335i.
F30 328i LCI SOP 07/15 EOP 06/16. LCI for F30 and F31 328i continues for one year with the old engine.
F30 328i LCI SOP 07/16 EOP 10/18. Re-engine with B48B20O0.
F30 328E LCI SOP 11/15, EOP 10/18. Introduction of 328E with XB1141M0, plug-in hybrid powertrain. Likely to replace 335iH (no LCI for it).
F30 328d LCI SOP 07/15 EOP 10/18. No new diesels for the US.
F31 - same as the corresponding F30 models, but with EOP 06/19.
F32 - same as the corresponding F30 models, but with SOP 03/16, EOP 06/20.
F33 - same as the corresponding F30 models, but with SOP 03/16, EOP 10/20.
F34 - same as the corresponding F30 models, but with SOP 07/16, EOP 03/20.
F36 - same as the corresponding F30 models, but with SOP 03/16, EOP 02/21.

M3/M4 don't get LCI, will continue until EOP of the corresponding F3x body style.

X6 will start production in August, X5M/X6M - in December.

F45 225i B48A20O0, FWD and AWD, SOP 11/14 EOP 02/18
F45 220i B46A20M0 and B48A20M0, FWD, SOP 03/15, EOP 02/18
F45 225i B46A20O0, FWD, SOP 07/15 EOP 02/18

F48 X1 xDrive25i, B46A20O0 and B48A20O0, SOP 07/15 EOP 06/22
F48 X1 sDrive25i, B46A20O0, SOP 11/15 EOP 06/22

F54 Cooper Clubman, B36A15M0 and B38A15M0, SOP 07/15 (FWD) or 03/16 (AWD), EOP 06/22
F54 Cooper S Clubman, B46A20M0 and B48A20M0, same SOP/EOP
F54 Cooper S Clubman Diesel (final model designation TBD), FWD, B47C20O0

F55 Cooper, FWD, B36A15M0 and B38A15M0, SOP 07/14 EOP 06/21
F55 Cooper S, FWD, B46A20M0 and B48A20M0, same SOP/EOP

F56 JCW, B48A20O0, SOP 03/15 EOP 10/20

F57 Cooper Cabrio, FWD, B36A15M0 and B38A15M0, SOP 11/15 EOP 10/22
F57 Cooper S Cabrio, FWD, B46A20M0 and B48A20M0, same SOP/EOP
F57 Cooper JCW Cabrio, B48A20O0, SOP 03/16 EOP 10/22

EOPs for current models:

F01/02 - 06/15
F06 - 02/19
F07 - 06/17
F10 - 10/16
F12/13 - 10/18
F15 - 07/18 (to be replaced by LCI, not a completely new model)
F16 - 07/19
F25 - 07/17
F26 - 07/18

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