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Originally Posted by J1n View Post
Any good tweeters around?
Morel Silk Dome Tweets or even better, Morel Silk Dome Signature Tweets. Latter quite phenominal but cost the earth. I've got the former in my VW Golf Mk6 GTI and they are just about good enough for me. Very, very acceptable even when I compare their high frequencies with my Meridian Active Audiophile System (heavily modified) at home which cost nearly as much as the car!

The standard system is really quite horrid. It's pretty disgraceful that BMW would install such a substandard product. Would totally destroy my enjoyment of the car. The HK system is good and more than good enough for a car like the F30 which has a fair degree of internal noise. It's got a sufficiently good dynamic range and does not distort too much at high volume levels. Worth every penny IMO or as in Oz, every cent.

Go and listen to the Meridian Surround Sound System in the Jaguar XJ. Simply sublime. Use a top quality Classical Music CD, preferably a Verdi/Wagner Opera or a Mahler Symphony. The BEST of the best.
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